Austin corners homeowners association

McLendon-Chisholm, Texas 75032

Austin Corners Homeowners Association

McLendon-Chisholm, Texas 75032

​​​​​​​Emergency Phone Numbers and Important Links

Emergency Services ---------- 911 (Fire, Police, etc.)

Non-Emergency Fire Department (972) 514-4217, County Sheriff (972) 204-7001

McLendon-Chisholm Fire Department Facebook Page

McLendon-Chisholm Fire Department Website

Rockwall County Sheriff

Rockwall County Sheriff Facebook

Rockwall County Sheriff  - 972-204-7001

Rockwall County EMS Facebook

Rockwall County Emergency Medical Services
Rockwall County EMS
809 South Goliad
Rockwall, Texas 75087


Non-Emergency Dispatch: (972) 772-0911

Office: (972) 772-4148

Town of McLendon-Chisholm Website

Town of McLendon-Chisholm Facebook

Rockwall Area Chamber Of Commerce

Rockwall Area Chamber Of Commerce Facebook

Rockwall County Library

Rockwall County Library Facebook

Rockwall County Website

Rockwall County Facebook

Rockwall ISD

Rockwall ISD Facebook

Heritage Christian Academy

Heritage Christian Academy Facebook

Rockwall Christian Academy

Rockwall Christian Academy Facebook

Garbage Collection

Office - 972-392-9300

Trash and recycling will be collected every THURSDAY. Please have trash out for pickup by 7:00 AM.  CWD begins servicing routes at 7:00 AM and typically finishes by 7:00 PM. Please ensure the trash cart and the recycle cart are three feet away from obstacles including mailboxes. Position the carts with the wheels toward the street. All trash must be placed in bags inside of the grey 95 gallon trash cart. All recyclables must be placed inside the blue 95 gallon trash cart.


Bulky waste and brush will be collected on the regular trash day. You are limited to one cubic yard of bulky waste and loose brush per collection. Tied and bundled brush may be set out in unlimited quantities. If you have a load that exceeds the acceptable limit and you want it picked up all at one time, contact CWD at 972-392-9300, option 2 for a price quote.  Removal of large items such as furniture, stoves, and water heaters, heating units and any other appliances or similar bulky items from residential properties will normally occur on the same day as your weekly scheduled pickup. Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditional units will only be picked up if the resident supplies a certificate from a certified technician that CFCs (chlorinated fluorocarbons) have been properly removed. 

Determining if your item is recyclable is easy. On the label there should be a circle of arrows. This circle should also contain a number. Numbers 1 through 5 and number 7 are acceptable. Plastics that have number 6 and Styrofoam should NOT be placed in the recycle bin for pickup.

Acceptable Recycle Items are:

Metal cans
Chipboard (cereal boxes, soda boxes, etc)

Corrugated Cardboard
Glass bottles or jars

Mixed paper
Phone books
Plastics #1 - #5 and #7 (milk jugs, juice jugs, laundry detergent jugs, etc)

Wax Coated Paper Drink Containers
Junk mail advertisements

CWD observes three holidays per calendar year. Observed holidays are New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Garbage and recycling collection that falls on a holiday will be delayed until the next day.

RCH Water Supply
After 4:30 PM Call for instructions - 972-722-3203

Emergency Pager - 214-322-2900

Aerobic Septic System Information

What Type of Chlorine: When disinfection of aerobic system treated wastewater effluent is required and you are using chlorine tablets, it is important that you use a chlorine tablet that is made from calcium hypochlorite and is certified for wastewater disinfection by EPA. They are very reactive and will kill 99% of the bacteria present in the effluent within 10 minutes. Follow all warning and precaution statements of the chlorine tablet manufacturer to protect yourself and the system equipment.

Warning: DO NOT use swimming pool chlorine tablets in your disinfection system. The chlorine in these tablets are made from trichlorisocyanuric acid. Swimming pool tablets dissolve more slowly than calcium hypochlorite and do not thoroughly disinfect the effluent. Additionally, there is a danger of explosion using swimming pool tablets since the tablets will release an explosive gas called nitrogen chloride due to the fact that they are not totally immersed in water at all times while in use. They are not approved by EPA for wastewater effluent disinfection.

Aerobic System Maintenance and Do's and Don'ts

Proper Operation of Aerobic Septic Systems