Austin corners homeowners association

McLendon-Chisholm, Texas 75032

Austin Corners Homeowners Association Contact Information

Austin Corners Homeowners Association

McLendon-Chisholm, Texas 75032

2018 President and DirectorDennis LondonACHOA President
2018 Vice President and Director
Scott HowellACHOA Vice President
2018 Director
Bruce WilliamsonACHOA Director
Marti ThompsonACHOA Secretary

David Braden

ACHOA Treasurer
Registered Agent
Jim McEversACHOA Registered Agent
Architectural Control Committee
David BradenACHOA Architectural Control Committee
Architectural Control Committee
Bruce WilliamsonACHOA Architectural Control Committee
Architectural Control Committee
OpenACHOA Architectural Control Committee
Dennis LondonACHOA Webmaster

Members of the Board of Directors are elected annually to serve for one year.  The Bylaws stipulate that any vacancy of office is to be filled by the remaining Directors as soon as possible and that the newly appointed director is to serve the remaining unexpired term. Directors determine who among them will serve the offices of President and Vice President.  Each person noted above is to serve until the Annual Meeting in January 2019.

Board Members, Officers, and Committee Members can be contacted by e-mail as noted above. Affairs of the Association are administered by Association Members whose primary interests and duties may make it difficult for them to respond immediately.  Therefore, your patience is appreciated.  The objective is to respond to all messages within 24 hours (M-F).  Requests submitted over weekends may not be addressed until the following Monday.